This blog is intended to serve as a forum for exploring the ideas found in Bernhard Siegert’s 2003 book, Passage des Digitalen. While the book has had a major impact on German-language media studies, it remains relatively obscure among English-speaking academics. Beginning in September 2014, a group of musicologists, literary scholars, historians of science, and media theorists will be joining forces to read and discuss the book as both an experiment in public digital humanities and an initial foray into the text itself. The project is a collaboration between the University of Amsterdam’s “Data Drive” project group and Harvard University’s metaLAB, organized by Melle Kromhout (Amsterdam) and Peter McMurray (Harvard/MIT). For more information, send an email to plmcmurray [at] gmail.com.

Siegert Cascades

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Reading Bernhard Siegert's Passage des Digitalen