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Moseley: Digital Analogies

As mentioned several times by both Peter and myself, it was at “From Bone Flute to Auto-Tune,” a conference on music and technology at the University of California, Berkeley in April 2014 that the idea of what was to become this blog was conceived. Besides my own paper at the conference, primarily Roger Moseley’s wonderful keynote called “Digital Analogies” got us talking about Kittler, Leibniz, and, most importantly Siegert’s Passage des Digitalen. This is why we are very pleased that last week, the Journal of the American Musicological Society published Roger’s extensive article “Digital Analogies: The Keyboard as Field of Musical Play” of which the Berkeley-talk was an early version. Given this history, the fact that Roger has been a silent, but faithful member of our group and of course its relevance to many of the things we have been discussing the past couple of months, we want to highly recommend his article to you all.

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Siegert at NYU: “On Codes and Coding”

Bernhard Siegert is currently in residency at New York University’s Department of Media, Culture and Communication, where he’s giving a series of seminars and talks, including the LeBoff Public Lecture last Thursday, April 7, entitled “Codes and Coding.” The material for the talk, as Siegert explained in personal correspondence, was originally intended to be a chapter in Passage des Digitalen, but for reasons of time, it was left out then.

siegert, on codes and coding

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